Software Engineering

In our current context software has become a vital cog in our daily routine and life and as a result of which it is of interest to a number of people. As the Information Technology interest evinces and pilfers to governments, businesses more people are now involved in building software programs that was once done... more

Requirement Analysis

Requirements analysis is an important stage in the systems engineering & software development processes. Requirements analysis in both these mentioned case, looks at addressing those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product... more

Non functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements can be defined as those set of requirements that provide the eco-system for the functionality to effectively work better. The plan is to implement the functional requirements as a part of system design ... more

Functional Requirements

Be it systems engineering or software engineering, functional requirements define what a product shall do like the action to be performed to satisfy the fundamental reason for its existence. It is with these functional requirements that a business analyst/requirements engineer explains to the developers the expectation of a product for further development.... more

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